In Honor Of

Those Who Serve

Born with a birth effect, unable to serve this country who has given so much to so many. Our freedoms based on principles of God and Country. I have always had great respect to the many standing up with those principles. Signing up to be part of the foundation and inspiration of our forefathers is an act of honor, and strength to the country. Along with injury or saving a life, of one of our own or a innocent one. God looks over us all….

A list of websites I post to say we should never forget those who served. From the past, present and future men and women dedicated to what our country stands for. And for those who gave all.


Wounded Warriors Project

Disabled American Veterans

National Military Family Association

Freedom Service Dogs Of America

In appreciation for those we can not stand beside. We stand with them as one.


When we look to the past, see the sacrifice
Today men and women serving country
Give thanks, serving for dedicating a life
For God and country for both you and me




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