Once Funny

Now Serious

So much for humor in politics of the day
Elections near, fear on both sides do sway
I name no names, deep concern I fear
Where are we going, future unclear
With the coming times, Lord protect us I pray

Why world domination is hard

Top ten reasons

  1. People would turn deaf. And/or cause great bodily harm

  2. Teenagers, never bother listening, preteens on

  3. Too many leaders of government have a head start working for it.

  4. Impossible thanks to social media, too much harebrained activity

  5. Because of equality between the sexes.

    Women oppose, Would make it harder to control us men.

  6. Too much alcohol and drugs, makes all those invinsible

  7. To give commands, all would ask hey whats in it for me

  8. Barney the dinosaur would lead a revolt, oh the horror

  9. Et tu, Brute

I could write more on this list, but you can’t tell me what to do!


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