Factions, Actions and

What The Hell

Civilized caveman and women or one singular common cause/argument/frustration/anger/vengeance/shit disturbers or and all of the above with a few other choice words.

Tribes, prejudice and revolt. Wellll excuse me, what happened to we can agree to disagree. Without acting as my power of my people will strike anyone down if you hate what I stand for or speak up to.

Factions, actions and dissatisfactions and distractions. What is important today? For the one, the one what? As a people who do not realize, i am just saying. Do your thing, life, liberty and pursuit of disharmony and or what we as a people do. America as one, or what the hell? We reap what we sow. Enough said!

Do not get me wrong, I am just saying what the hell? Injustice, so very true. Proper accountability and punishment or contrition? Always should be dealt! Also does not mean if wrong actions or behavior against laws written to protect each citizen then it is just as  wrong. With the same results as mentioned just before. Good and bad everywhere, in all walks of life and in the very nature of living. Is talking what solutions can we come up with, many talking heads and angry hearts there is one word. That can be said.

Also one last thing, the most important,  Principles of who we are.

1.Child of God
3.Good and bad, just don’t know which one is next.

What about these three factions, actions and time will tell.


Not an address! America, its a fixer-upper no matter who is in charge!

After saying all this, one word for myself. Bystander like many still only one thought in mind. What the hell is next. For those innocents, the ambushed, and victims of pure acts of evil. Words can not express enough our grief and our hearts singing as loud as able. For the we who are more than broken hearted.



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