Multiplicity Me

You See


CLONESIf I could clone myself I can do better than Michael Keaton did in the movie “Multiplicity “. But would be nice to have a macho man of myself. I wonder through if I arm wrestled me who would win? Really his plans did not work out well in some cases.

Would love to have more clones of the little lady. Would that be bigamy? Also would like to have the neat freak of myself. That way I can sit around and watch him do what I would never consider. The list can go on and on. But perhaps I could be repeating myself.

behind barsDon’t get me clone, still nice guy
Enough of me to go around this my reply
Perfect answer for the busy man I am
Now work, play, and more time with my woman
My stand in will provide and never deny

Go ahead judge me wrong, I did just lie
Spread the love, every woman catches my eye
Can not resist more of me to go round
Every city, new lady go party down
But if caught I can kiss my asses good bye


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