A Star

Is Born


Is this good? You holding camera still?
Zoo doesn’t know i’m gone, no big dealcool ape
A day at the park kicking back to reflect
Ever since King Kong I get no respect
Finds a woman, makes a movie, many think real

My agent called just the other day
The producers loved seeing my resume
Now I will show them what I can do
My talents wasted in that damn old Zoo
Finally a break coming my way

With my pictures there will be no doubt
Will show them what acting is all about
The performance I give nothing to compare
King Kong jealous, hanging head in despair
Whats this? Tarzan, I could do without

He will swing through vines, whats the big deal
A stand in for who? disappointment I feel
I blame the zookeepers for what they have done
Thinking it would be great and have some fun
Bastards just had to named me Rodney Dangerfield



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