P.C. Where Are We?

P.C. All about me

CORRECTFirstly, I have read every one of these. Secondly, I find it true as I always try to is go by the motto of. “Its not what you say, but how you say it.” Thirdly, so many now as I have said in another post, in a sense we have become a world of factions. Fourthly, sharing of viewpoints lead to understanding, understanding can and should end up with “We can agree to disagree.” with civility. And work for the best interest for everyone on common ground.
Fifthly, I feel over the generations, all or near all of prejudice, quick judgement, follow the leader, and basic human characteristics has led us to where we are today. Sixthly, here are twelve links on one can choose to agree with, disagree with. Or to simply be a person with only one viewpoint. And many expletives will spring forth in that conversation. And lastly, there is value in expressing oneself in the manner again, “It’s not what you say but how you say it.” But then again, if what you say really matters, it shouldn’t offend anyone. Oh, forgive me. If what I say really matters to me, it shouldn’t offend anyone.

How Political Correctness Chills Speech on Campus

The “Golden Rule” vs. “Political Correctness”

Reader Opinion: Biblical political correctness

Most Canadians Say Political Correctness Has Gone ‘Too Far’: Angus Reid Institute Poll

‘Political Correctness’ Allowed Islamist Hate To Flourish In UK Prisons, Report Warns

Political correctness can be dangerous on immigration

Political Correctness Strips the South of All Vestiges of Slavery While Ignoring Islam’s Contribution

Column: Character judgment, not political correctness, is hurting society

Stop letting political correctness interfere with the anti-Zika fight

George Carlin’s Daughter Calls for a Second Look at ‘Political Correctness’

Politically Incorrect is Harder Than You Think

But then again, if what you say really matters, it shouldn’t offend anyone.

After reading the articles and the ones I have linked to I have to follow my pattern of A,A,B,B,A. This is just me as my thoughts come along whether if there is any worth or not in the words. It is what I do, as so led to say.

Words can be civil, or propagate, or instigate hate
Can not deny many set up issues no clear debate
It is not right, I say, It is not wrong you say
Not a wise man only can put it just this way
Yet what is wise, together a better world we must make


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