Party Wagon

Tail Wagging



Pulling up in the parking lot
Long drive, nearest tree, mark the spot
In between games, party time is here
No worries, fully stocked up on beer
Going to be great for us hard working mascots



Near the water always best place to be
Rufus laid back spying any babes he may see
Biggest of the horndog can not be beat
Best butt sniffer, finds best gals in heat
So well groomed, never a single flea


dog-waterskiing-funny-sunglasses-lolMax, adrenaline junkie always gung ho
No matter what it is he ready to go
Also a Sergeant of a police canine unit
Catches bad guy, leg sure will chew it
Awarded top dog three years in a row



DumDum can’t hold his booze at all
Footing the bill won lawsuit hurt his paw
Does not matter good member of the pack
Except can’t run very well always in the back
We fear for him can’t chase a car, or catch a ball



This the leader, wise beyond years
Loves anyone who scratches behind his ears
Made a pact, for we to live by his motto
For what he loves we too follow
Now partying, no problem drinking many beers



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