Space Age

 Pay Age

Scientists over the years longed to find what are black holes. Not completely true. Through observations, crunching the data had given a good idea of what is going on. While most believed the only outcome were death in most extreme of circumstances. Others felt entering one end and coming out in another region in space were possible.VORTEX

Willing to find out at any cost. An intrepid band of scientists gathered with the backing of some rich dude. Build a craft able to reach the nearest Black Hole. Fly through to the center, find an answer. Taking over a decade, construction of ship complete. Believing capable the journey. Day came ready for liftoff. Picture perfect.

Confident the craft make it within weeks. Approaching the Black Hole, crew amazed by the swirling of matter. Circling at incredible speed. Streams of plasma shooting out as predicted. Felt the pull of gravity grow stronger. Time had come, full throttle, craft on its own. Crew unable to move. Sensation of ship closing in around them. Quickly unconscious, unable to observe traveling through the vortex. Jolt, sound of engines winding down. First to waken, backer of the mission. Others rising the commander notice an odd look on his face.


Facing the view screen see words scrolling. Welcome to the NuF Galaxy. We are the Receivers. Anything you wish we can make happen. We charge thirty SoSeP to enter. Light passed through the ship as being scanned. Conversing with one another, turn you are from the Azbakwoeds Galaxy. For this reason we will let you in free. We are sure this will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Follow the beacon lanes you come upon what we believe you called Westworld. Based on something we picked up from your primitive signals. We have so many more. Many worlds for you to enjoy. You youngsters will have a great time. Provided parents has given permission and able to pay. We have the best prices in the sector. Rich dude seeing an opportunity. Working a deal, shuttles bring customers daily. Charging cheap rates increase profits later.

toursThe Receivers would agree providing people working in WaterWorld. Another idea taken from earlier transmissions. Wished to hire people making the voyages realistic. The higher paying customers would be excited. Therefore charge more later. With that and other details agreements made.

The man with the plan smiled, as his new venture would pay out. Build more shuttles. Send out probes to open his own amusement worlds. Thus the galactic pay age were born. The Receivers profited as did Virgi ‘N’eigh Express.



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