World Alive



Forces unknown with breath its beautyBEAK
Eyes embrace nature the wonders to see
Looks as a bird, another common rock
What may inspire many, many more not
Showing examples of what nature can be

In this case. Looks to be one ugly predator.

Also a symbol, nature show providing lifehorse head
An image, a landscape to all manners of wildlife.
In the Minds Eye observation so clear.
Recognize the examples far and near.
For what we see, Mother Earth truly pro-life.

As an Omnivore and if tasty I consume, and to others who relate they will not eat anything in reference to animals, or whatever. Sorry I can not avoid buying a head of lettuce for a salad. Or a ear of corn, or baby carrots, whatever. I have no problem what preferences of what one may like to eat, but look at similarities. It is all good.




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