Love Fresh Brewed

Fresh Love Brewed


Love as a cup of

Ah love, times when it will run hot.
Sometimes cold.

When times felt, cooling too quick.
We may be warm it up.
Or reach out for a fresh brew.


Sweeten it to make better.
Know the mixture of the two.
Find it just right.
Enjoyment made for the two.

Keep it fresh.
Be around with your love.
Show your Love you care.
Hold her hand, the perfect pair.

To bring together.ROSE
Keeping our love fresh brewed.
We men can think of many ways.
Keep them smiling, not blue.

Have her tell her friends.
No one better than you.
Show her you could teach Don Juan.
Teach him a thing or two.


Show her that you love her.th12E3SK60
Show her you need her.
Tell her you are one lucky dude.
Always keep your love fresh brewed.

Because here I am without you


Together Again Big Fight


Loved the present she gave to me

Two best joys while drinking coffee

Feel the heat coming from my new D cup

Even warmer seeing my love as I look up

Drink fast, once more, back to bed go we



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