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With so much going on today in this country. While I am posting this I am rather sick of hearing of President Trump’s recent decisions and the firestorms over it. Do not take me wrong the way his executive order is not well thought out along with presented. Also the mention of how political views are picking and over stuffing the basket of opinions. So many are cherry picking a reason to raise Cain over what. When we should take a step back and take a breath.

Totally idiotic by the way presented. And how the rule of procedure on going about his order.

So many are cherry picking, mostly media on what to report and have the talking heads back and forth of why he is doing this and that and have a reason to defend or attack. Here you can insert your opinion, done heard it all. Sure my heart goes out to those trapped in a situation that is unjust. So true, my heart goes out who lives are in fear of what is going to happen and already in a situation no one of us would want to be in.

However in the big picture with President Trump’s promise he did not waste any time. And it is a valid reason to take serious steps to insure no bad guys slip in.

Hot topic on many levels, in my opinion there are those who are throwing fuel on the fire. Which again in my opinion gives a negative image of who we are as a people. Expressing opinions and solidarity is the American way however with certain groups from the range of the famous to back lot organizations taking opportunity to rile up many. And most of the people are raising hell to be the It crowd. Also there are those doing everything possible to be self serving. For their own agenda.

It will all be worked out and now those seeing what they should do. Will get on the ball about doing things right and speeding up the process of getting it over with quickly and efficient. When we prolong the back and forth of distain. Does not serve us well. We are a emotional people but should be tempered with we had our say. Now see in the days ahead whether more needs to be said. To over and over spout contempt for those who are on the opposite side. Let us give peace a chance, a chance to give people their due dignity and respect. Also to take care of the prime objective of what he is trying to do.

Everyone can return their regular programming of following the leaders of discontent whoever is doing so, and keep this mess going so more talking heads can carry on when we should take a step back. This is the end on my thoughts of the matter.

Help those who are truly caught in the middle, and still do what is in the best interest of the country.