Politics always did try to avoid

Now he da man and many annoyed

What a crazy time in this country theres no doubt

Tweets and charges, all kinds of mud thrown about

Personally politics and politicians I find one big hemorrhoid

And what scares the crap out of me, we are all human and have our personalities and agendas. And aware we are in complicated times. Everyone should be looked upon respectfully yet viewed by their actions and character displayed. With all seriousness, going down a road rightfully less traveled and for good reasons. Look into examples of the past. Finding ourselves ending up stranded and lost our way. Will not go into my full thought mode and what I choose to say. Only I wonder in the future where we will end up and what the outcome will be. And what is best for one and all. And with respect to all individuals, my freedom of speech states this is my view, my opinion and I am sticking to it.


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