Hey store clerk, need to find some albums

Have a long list lets start with this one

“Honky Cat” sung by Sir Elton John

“Cat Scratch Fever” a pure rocking song

Replace “Year of the Cat” now long gone


One for ringtone “Whats New PussyCat”

One for my nephew “Hell Cat” a total brat

“Stray Cat Strut” my favorite, its purrfect

Suppose get “Alley Cat, homeless by neglect

My kittens just love, “Cool For Cats” so lets get that


Believe that will do for now, should be it

One more for the wife, she’s a “Hell Cat” I admit

Such a racket we make when darkness falls

Sneak off to our private spot away from it all

We start off by partaking of our finest Catnip



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