The Savanna of

Rock And Roll

In the savanna we are the hottest band
Cover songs we do, tourists come from every land
Most requests are, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”
“Welcome To The Jungle”  some gets nervous but its alright
Our stage names are Hunk The Trunk, Leo and Striper Dan

Our bands name Totally Savanna, would you expect “The Animals”
All know them, besides they are not because we are more formable
Another song we do is “Big Bad Wolf” and we laugh
The hyenas here are bad, make them run off like a frightened calf
Do attend our rock and roll show it is much more enjoyable

Boo us and will get stomped on, kicked and sometimes eaten
Consider this and in some cases severely beaten
Do not fret and if pay is good, will have a great time
Only stay clear for our break during lunchtime
For the tourist, the Survivors will play “Eye Of The Tiger” again



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