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In Stride

Oh how life can deal us a blow, I as we all try to take it in stride. While this on the hardship scale of life is low but still we all can relate. Where I live I depend on wifi provided for me. For over a week major problems for the whole facility has been a nightmare for them to get resolved. A lot of people are not happy, their work depends on it. Good people here and doing their best. So patience have I.

So it has been offline over a week. Considered it a break in writing which now driving me nuts. Not only to keep up with reading posts of those I follow but also with not letting the number of emails stacking up. It can but somewhat of a problem for me to get other places to get online, family or whatever. At least not daily.

Now I am down to writing on notepad and when ever the outages stop or the on again off again internet writing then make a post. For several days I just did other things then bam the real withdrawal kicked in and writing something. Feel somewhat out of the groove after it being so long. When can get online long enough to post this premade one where obviously being you reading it now.

As the phrase goes, yes you know

You lose something, longer time greater the woe

Being offline hassle yes, yet still something to do

Preparing post when blessed online anyone can view

Tears of keyboard, back online, on with the show