Sweet Land Of Liberty


Often I take a step back and reflect in this land we live.
With the going on in the country today, i’d rather do this. As we are,

Given the right to agree to disagree.SHADOWFAMILY
Given the right to walk the land free.
Given the right to speak freely.
Given the right to commit idiocy.
Given the right to buy pert near anything.
Given the right to sing awfully.
Given the right to walk naked. Oh Yeah.
Given the right to say this country sucks.
Given the right to bitch about the weather.

Having the right to hate bad music and turn it off.
Having the right to not watch reality television shows.
Having the right to choose what alcohol you want.
Having the right to remain silent. Right to a attorney.
Having the right to plead the fifth.
Having the right to not stand your mother in law.
Having the right to break bones with skateboard, whatever.
Having the right to not bring proper gear for camping.
Having the right shoot anyone, killing innocent men, women and children.
Having the right to choose Red, White and Blue as favorite colors.


My Country Tis Of Thee

Forefathers bringing an ideal of common principles.

Of what a country should strive to be.quotes-about-change-quotes-love-quotes-life-quotes-and-sayings-1381945129ng4k8

Men and women who gave life and limb.
To stand for common Liberty.

Inspire one another to follow a dream.

A day of the past we celebrate each year.

Everybody feeling good, setting off fireworks.

Some tend to forget what this day is about.

For men and women giving all.
Life and limb for God and victory.
Even giving freedom for stupidity.

When times of trouble men and women unite.
To come together as one, when times of need.
People giving, showing someone there for you.
Proud having the National Anthem.

Stand and sing before sporting events.KNEELING SOLDIER
Show now you see. Proud of our country.

Men and women still give life and limb.
For God and country. Why? For our land of Liberty.
We with friends and family proud.

Stand for us, We stand with them.

For those past, present and future. Live the words.

Oh say can you see sweet land of Liberty.

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