Old And Wise Realize

Lesson Along The Way


To be old and wise, say what?QUOTE

Stupid really never fades away.

Better at hiding, then sometimes not.

No longer place blame on youthful play.



Now makes me sit back and reflect.

How at times we are all the same.

No way, no how I can deny regret.

How in youth life were not only a game.



Country called, did not hesitate

Comrades at arms, mess with us big mistake

Lean and mean, marched, proud to serve

Side by side, bravery the enemy observed

Not youth, but man, no game, faced my fate



Now to salute, men and women today

Soldiers all, just as lean and mean, every way

I recall my youth and stupidity past

But proudest of all we kicked some ass

For God and country, will always display

Lest not forget, today America as many other nations face enemies destructive in mind. Barbaric, no value for life in not just one country, but for all who live for peace and prosperity. True meaning of this post is those naive realize from old and wise, how in youth life were not only a game. We must battle the ones who seek death and destruction. Another date in history just before this post published, what do I see. Another act of brutality.


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